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Chapter 1 – Holy Undead

Author Note’s :

This chapter haven’t been proofread at all, so it was bound to have a lot of grammatical mistakes. I’ll edit it later when I have someone to proofread my stories.


After reinforcing my determination to kill whoever killed me, searching for the truth of my death, restoring my memory and the most important of all “BECOMING MORE AND MORE BEAUTIFUL”, i started to train in order to get accustomed to my new body.

In my status it is written that my level is “1/50” which means I need 49 more levels so that I can evolve. Almost all of my stat is very small in number. The Human race can only see their status when they were 5 years old and they have an average of 10 for all of their status. Sigh… it was hard to believe that my body is weaker than a five years old child. It seems that undead are really cursed after all. Fortunately, I am classified as a monster and I can become more powerful just by evolving. If i can’t evolve i think i would be a weak undead that even can be defeated easily by a 5 years old boy.

After a few hour of training, okay maybe not a few hour but i can’t count how many hours has passed I don’t even have a watch you know? Even there is no sunlight in here if there is I swear I’ll make my own sundial. I’m starting to get used to my new body and then I started to practice to use magic. For now I can’t train my body in order to get stronger, because as a monster training my body to get stronger is taking much longer than when i was an elf and now I’m in the situation where i need to get stronger as soon as possible. Only when I can’t rely on power leveling and evolving in order to get stronger as fast as possible then will train my body and skill in order to get stronger but now is not the right time.

Somehow only my Int stat that wasn’t diminished at all. Although I was a grand paladin and more skilled in close combat, I know quite a lot of light magic so maybe I could use some magic I had learned even though I have turned into undead.

Then I began to focus and started pumping my mana from my mana pool toward my hand.

“Oh the Great Holy Light, my ancestor, my friend. Please heed my call, please help me and illuminate my path. Illuminate”.

A moment later a light bulb with a diameter of about 30 cm emerging from the palm of my hand and illuminate my surrounding. After feeling quite satisfied then I turn off my magic so it wouldn’t invite the attention of the monsters that may exist not too far from me.

Ouch..u.. it hurts… my head hurts.

A moment later a lot of pictures arranged sequentially one by one until it resembles a video popped into my head


Oh the Great Holy Light, my ancestor, my friend. Please heed my call, please help me and illuminate my path. Illuminate”.

A moment later a ball of light appeared in the palm of my hand. Yes I did it. during the past two years I wasn’t care about magic at all, because only my dream is to become a strong knight so I can protect my whole family, my whole race and all the innocent people out there. But when I learned that in order to become a strong knight, I must know at least some spell. Then I began to learn about magic and found myself turned out to have a light elemental affinity, after that I began to learn more and more about light magic so that I can become a great paladin and finally after two years finally today is the day in which I managed to use light magic for the first time. Yeah …

“Hey Fey how did you do that? ” she asked me who was playing around with a ball of light that I made.

“do what?”.

“Make the light bulb. I mean you didn’t chant the spell correctly but you managed to make the light bulb, even I who was a mage if i lose even if it just a little concentration i can’t use magic, especially if I chant incorrectly”

“Hmm … I don’t know why, but when I’m trying to chant the spell the same way as the others used to do I felt sad and couldn’t use magic, because I think we shouldn’t order the light, because the light had been there before we were even born, therefore I felt that the light was like my ancestors and also my friend and what I did was ask for help from the light and change the way I chant the spell and then  fwoosh … I could use magic. I didn’t quite understand why “.

“Hmmm … Well I didn’t understand but what’s more important is that you are successful in using magic for the first time. hahaha … tonight let’s celebrate your success, I’ll treat you this time”

“Is it true? Yay !! “


Uh …


Was it a dream?

Ah no, it probably is a fragment of memory. I don’t remember who she is but I feel that we have a close relationship and perhaps to restore my memory I should see her if she was still alive. I’m not pessimistic but I do not know how much time has passed after I kicked out of the bucket, it could be a thousand years have passed and doesn’t hope too much that the women in my memory is still alive or know something about my death.

Brrrr … the sound of my growling stomach made me remember that i haven’t ate anything since I was arose from the death. Then I began to search for food though so far I haven’t encountered any living creature until now.

After a long walk in this pitch black tunnel, I finally felt the presence of other living creatures. Somehow I can feel the presence of all living beings that are within a radius of several kilometers from me. Although it is quite similar to mana sense it feels really different from mana sense, because mana sense is the ability to sense mana around the user because every object and living things have mana so you can find every living things around you using mana sense to sense their mana.

Hm … Well I’ll call this life sense because this is an ability to fell the presence of all living beings around the caster. Mana sense and sense life has advantages and disadvantages, but now I need to use life sense to find my prey because I’m starving right now… Roar…

And then I started to looking for a creature that radiate an aura of a reptiles using life sense. After a while, I finally found a creature that resembles a snake or to be more accurately it was a komodo without legs and it body is 2.5 meter long. With the strength that i have now I’m not sure I could beat it if i fight face to face, but fortunately the snake was asleep so I can kill it without difficulty.

After several hours of walking towards the Leg-less Giant Komodo Serpent location that are showed by life sense. I finally reached the front of the nest of The Leg-less Komodo Giant Serpent. From what I saw it looks like it is only an E Rank monster, it looks like I can kill him with one blow.

“Oh the Great Holy Light, my ancestor, my friend. Please heed my call, please help me and annihilate the creature before me. Thousand Holy Arrows”

Then a thousand holy arrows appeared, but I didn’t directly attack the sleeping serpent with a thousand sacred arrow, but I was uniting all the sacred arrow into a giant sacred arrow. Okay maybe this is more akin to a giant holy spear rather than a giant sacred arrow but it was not too important.

then I launch the holy giant lance toward the neck of the sleeping snake.

* BOOM *

When the giant spear struck the snake by its neck there was an explosion and dust was floating around and I wasn’t able to see whether the snake was dead or not.

* Screech *

The snake was moaning in pain and emerge from behind the veil of dust, there is a a fatal wound in its neck but it is not enough to kill it.


No, it’s impossible!

The snake has three eyes !. it wasn’t a Leg-less Komodo Serpent It was a Three Eyed Komodo Serpent, it was not an E ranked monster it was a D ranked instead.

Damn …


Before the snake charged at me I insta-casted a protective shield around me.

* BOOM *

When the snake charged at me and then collided with a barrier that protects me there was an explosion.


When the barrier that protected me was broken because it couldn’t withstand the brunt of the snake I was bouncing up against the wall.

Ouch … ah .. my whole body ached.

I tried to stand regardless of the pain that spread throughout my body. Then I gather more and more of mana into my palm.

“Oh the Great Holy Light, my ancestor, my friend. Please heed my call, please help me and conceal me before this vile creature. Flashlight”.

Then I shot a ball of light towards the The Snake’s head and then the ball of light exploded in front of the three eyes that belongs to the snake. Although it didn’t hurt the snake at least it was enough to make the snake was blind for a moment. Then I started to pour mana to my legs and then leaped towards the neck of the snake that was injured.
In the mid air I began to gather all of my mana that I have towards my hand and began to chant spell.

“Oh the Great Holy Light, my ancestor, my friend. Please heed my call, please help me and punish the vile creature before me. Divine Judgement Bolt” and then I shot at the neck of the snake in point blank range.


Then  a large hole was created in the neck of the snake and a few moments later the snake collapsed and died.

– Level Up –

– Level Up –

– Level Up –

– Level Up –



Prologue – Undeaded

Proofread by Runeys

Thank you Runeys for spending a lot of your precious time to proofread this chapter voluntarily.



I woke up and found myself in the middle of an endless darkness. Okay, maybe I’m not in the middle but this place is seriously dark and i cant even see a dim of light.

Ouch.. it hurts. My whole body is aching every time i tried to stand.

After a while I decided not to stand up and continued to sleep and focusing in regaining my strength instead.

I don’t know how many hours or days have passed, but I feel I have regained a little bit of my strength and then I tried to stand again. Ouch it hurts…. but not as hurt as before. Finally I am able to stand again and then I tried to walk straight in the middle of the darkness trying to find an exit or at least somewhere brighter than here. As I walk, I tried to recall my memories.

Ouch… it hurts… it hurts…

My head is aching as I tried to recall my memories. My name is Fey Evergreen. I’m an 26 years old female elf, my class is grand paladin and my sub-class is surgeon.

As I tried to forcefully recall more memories the pain is getting stronger and stronger. It is very weird. I remembered all the knowledge I know about this world but I can’t seem to remember anything about my past. I can’t even remember the reason why I woke up in this endless darkness.


Night Vision

After walking in the darkness for hours now your eyes are more adapted to the dark environment and can see better in the dark even without a dim of light

Skill type: Passive

Skill Mastery: Beginner Lv.1


Finally I got the night vision skill. Because the skill mastery is still low, the range I can see in the dark is very limited but I think it is enough for now. At least I won’t trip when I’m walking in the dark again.

Oh that’s right I even haven’t checked my status up till now because i am too absorbed in trying to figure out my past, but in the end the only thing I know is general knowledge about myself as if I’m a stranger to myself. I can’t even remember what kind of person I am except being a grand paladin.




Fey Evergreen


Walking Dead
























Light, Darkness


No! it must be a lie, maybe a dream?!

Yes it must be a dream right!. the worst kind of nightmare on top of it and then I tried to pinch my cheek as hard as I can, so I can wake up from this nightmare.

Ouch.. it hurts a lot and then… nothing happened! Its not a dream. Oh my god im not an elf anymore, im not the holy grand paladin anymore! Now im just a lowly undead of the lowest of undead bottom class.

Calmdown Fey… Calm…. Calm….. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm…. Calm….

It took me quite a long time  to be able to calm myself and try to figure out what happened.

First, I’m not an elf anymore. I’m a walking dead and that means i have died. um.. uh.. okay I’m a walking dead and I have died.But it was really hard to believe you know! Because I was a paladin, and a grand paladin at that!. Normally it’s almost impossible for anyone who has a light affinity to become an undead. Well… of course there’s always an exception… um… well.. you know, someone who has a very deep hatred can be turned into an undead or a demon even if they have a light affinity.But, I am a good girl you know! Though… even if I don’t remember what kind of person i was before, I’m still pretty sure that I was a good girl. Why you ask?, Because I felt it that way. Never underestimate a woman’s intuition you know!. Well, that only means that I have died an unnatural death and the person who killed me must have been a very cruel and evil person to make me want to take revenge, otherwise I wouldn’t be an undead.

Second, I’m a walking dead but except for my ragged dress that I wear, I was still beautiful. My skin is as white as milk and isn’t decayed like undead usually are. Well, maybe because I was a grand paladin my holy magic preventing my body from decaying. Well I’m not as beautiful as before but at least I’m not an ugly undead. I have a silky smooth golden colored hair that reaches my shoulder, Bright yellow eyes complemented with a beautiful curly eyelashes, sweet and tempting lips and a cute chubby cheeks. My body was just like when I was 13 years old except for one thing. I don’t know why though my body was revert to the age of 13 but my breast size hasn’t changed at all and still the same as before…. perhaps I was a succubus … no I don’t want to turn into a succubus … waaaa …

Huuh… I don’t want to be a succubus…


Third, I’m a monster. Although my body is like a human being. I’m still a monster which meant I could evolve … yap it meant I could be as beautiful as before or even more beautiful. Well from now on I will only drink the blood of reptiles and would not eat or drink anything else.

Eh… why only drink the blood you ask? … of course, because I was undead I want to evolve into a vampire who is very, very … very pretty. Why would only drink the blood of reptiles you ask again? … of course because reptile blood is the blood that comes closest to the dragon’s blood. I’m still too weak to fight a dragon, so for now I better drink the blood of reptiles beforehand.


As a genius surgeon I know many things about monsters … and of course I wanted to create a new kind of monster. But I used to be a paladin and monster experimentation is considered taboo, as an accomplice of the church I cannot just create a new kind of monster…


But now I’m classified as a monster, and therefore I want to experiment with myself … I want to be a demi dragon, half vampire and half dragon to be precise…. Huhuhuhu … Whoever has killed me in a way that was so cruel and evil that it gave me intense feelings of hatred, resentment and a thirst for vengeance that was strong enough to cause me to return as an undead. Though, I don’t remember who killed me or why I was killed. You’d better be prepared because  I’M COMING FOR YA!.